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Course Offerings

Music 701 3 (crs.)

Music in Contemporary Culture

Selected masterpieces representing the various cultures which are part of our musical heritage. (A foundation course: not open to students with 12 or more undergraduate credits in music.)

Music 746 1 – 2 (crs.)

Advanced Applied Music

Individual instruction at the graduate level is offered to qualified students on the following instruments: Brass, Keyboard, Percussion, Strings, Voice and Woodwinds.

Music 777 2 (crs.)

Advanced Percussion Section Methods

Advanced Percussion Methods will update the music educator in performance and ensemble pedagogical techniques for the percussion section in band, orchestra, and percussion ensemble settings. Advanced performance problems such as found in the music of the Wisconsin School Music Association (WSMA) Festival list, in representative middle and high school performance repertoire, and those expressed by the students based on their teaching experience will be explored. Prerequisite: Degree in music education/music, instrumental music certification. Instrumental music teaching experience is strongly recommended.

Music 796 1 – 3 (crs.)

Independent Study in Music

Individualized study for advanced students in the MA Humanities with specialization in Music. Prerequisite: Independent Study Topic and Instructor Approval Form must be filed at or prior to registration. 1-3 cr. with maximum accumulation of 6 cr.