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International Studies

Course Offerings

International Studies 508 3 (crs.)

Revolution and Development

Analysis of socio-cultural diversity, economic underdevelopment, and political instability as problems in nation-building in Asia, Latin America, and Africa. Formulation of strategies to promote national integration and development. Case studies and role playing. Prerequisite: International Studies 205 and Economics 204 or consent of instructor. 308/508

International Studies 541 3 (crs.)

Multinational Corporations in the International System

A study of the role of multinational corporations in the modern world economy, their operating methods, and the effect of these corporations on home and host countries. Particular emphasis will be placed on the role of such companies in the development process in the Third World, employing case studies and role playing to provide practical experiences. Prerequisite: (Choose 1) International Studies 205, Economics 204 or Political Science 101, or consent of instructor. 341/541