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Interdisciplinary Studies

Course Offerings

Interdisciplinary Studies 501 1 – 3 (crs.)

Workshop for Pre College Teachers

This course will introduce participants to the relationship between science, mathematics, technology, society and literature. It will be taught as a series of independent modules, each intended to reinforce the idea that science literacy is critical to being able to assess current social issues. Incorporation of state and national state science standards into lesson plans for elementary and secondary grades will be stressed. Possible topics will include space and matter, life science (including environmental systems/ecology, genetics, animals, plants and microbiology), chemistry, astronomy, and geoscience. Participants will be expected to share ideas and design lesson plans in addition to meeting more traditional evaluation criteria. 301/501 (1+3)(+0+2)

Interdisciplinary Studies 715 3 (crs.)

Content Exploration in the Social Sciences

A graduate seminar relating to new research and content in the area of the Social Sciences (Economics, Geography, History, Political Science, Psychology, and Sociology). The theme of the course will vary frequently but will focus on current research, trends, problems and discoveries in these areas. The course may be taken repeatedly with different subtopics upon approval of Department Chair or Graduate Coordinator. Prerequisites: Minimum of 6 credits in one of the Social Science disciplines.