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Criminal Justice

Course Offerings

Criminal Justice 540 3 (crs.)

Police Administration

Organizational functions, structures, processes and behavior as they relate to law enforcement agencies (esp. local police). Particular focus is on theoretical principles as they relate to practice in complex organizations. Attention is also given to the interrelationship of police, courts and correctional facilities as administrative units. Prerequisite: consent of instructor. 340/540

Criminal Justice 553 3 (crs.)

Convict Criminology

Convict Criminology explores a new way of thinking about crime and corrections. This course examines the emerging field of convict criminology that consists primarily of essays and empirical research conducted and written by convicts, or ex-convicts, on their way to completing or already in possession of a Ph.D., or by enlightened academics who critique existing literature, policies, and practices, thus contributing to a new perspective in criminology, criminal justice, corrections, and community corrections. Prerequisite: Criminal Justice 103 and junior standing.