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Notes, Notifications, Safety and Disclaimers


The Office of Graduate Studies
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The University of Wisconsin Oshkosh Graduate Bulletin is published biennially in the summer of even-numbered years. Bulletins are available online at 


The Graduate Faculty invite your attention to the numerous degree, achievement, and certificate programs and the varied courses in this publication. We are dedicated to high standards of scholarly achievement and professional development. Graduates of the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh Office of Graduate Studies may be found regionally, nationally, and worldwide in positions of leadership and responsibility. We are proud to present this edition of the Bulletin.

This Bulletin does not establish nor constitute a contract between the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh and students enrolled at this institution. The Bulletin provides descriptive and summary information that outlines University rules, regulations, course listings, degree programs, and fee schedules, which are in effect at the time of publication. The University retains the exclusive right to change, modify, or interpret, at any time, the descriptions contained in this Bulletin. The University administration and faculty, with the concurrence of the Board of Regents and the administration of the University of Wisconsin System, also retain the right to change fees and to add, modify, or withdraw courses or degree programs at any time.

Under the provision of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, a student is entitled to review any records, files, documents, and other materials defined as education records that are maintained by UW Oshkosh and are related directly to the student. A student may contact the Division of Student Affairs, Dempsey 148, for further information.

Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action are legal, social and economic responsibilities of the University. Accordingly, the University is subject to various federal and state laws and rules, including policies that are established by the University of Wisconsin System, relating to Affirmative Action and Equal Employment Opportunity. The UW Oshkosh Affirmative Action Plan covering women and racial/ethnic minorities has been prepared to meet the requirements of Executive Order 11246, as amended, and more specifically to comply with its implementing regulations, standards and guidelines set forth in 41 CFR Chapter 60-2, Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs, Equal Employment Opportunity, Department of Labor. Affirmative action must be applied to all faculty, academic staff, classified staff, limited term, and project positions of employment and to all employment practices including, but not limited to: recruiting, hiring, certification, testing, transfers, promotions, training, compensation, benefits, layoffs, non-contract renewals, terminations, retention, and committee assignments.

Under federal law, an affirmative action plan must include (1) a workforce analysis by job group; (2) a utilization analysis and (3) a set of specific goals designed to overcome underutilization. A utilization analysis of the workforce shows a comparison between the representation of minority and female workers in the University workforce and their availability. Goals are established based on the utilization analysis. All academic departments and employing units are expected to apply good faith efforts in recruiting and employing women and minorities to achieve these goals. The statistical analysis and establishment of goals represent an affirmative effort to ensure that the University continues to provide employment opportunities on a nondiscriminatory basis. The UW–Oshkosh Affirmative Action Plan is updated annually. Copies of the current plan are available in the office (920-424-1166).  More information concerning our Affirmative Action policy can be found at:



UW Oshkosh rarely suspends classes campus-wide for weather-related conditions. Students should be aware that some faculty and instructional academic staff may cancel specific classes and will provide information specific to these courses (e.g., including such information as to arrangements for making up any canceled sessions).

Campus community members can access UW Oshkosh weather information in a variety of ways through the University’s Campus Safety and Emergency Site – From there, students, staff, and faculty can sign up for UW Oshkosh TitanAlert text messages that are sent directly to mobile phones. You can directly visit to sign up. The UW Oshkosh home website – – and UW Oshkosh Today – – also display the latest weather-related updates once they originate on the Safety and Emergency Site.

In addition to notifying radio and television stations of UW Oshkosh weather-related delays or cancellations, the free UW Oshkosh mobile app ( also features easy ways to access campus news, weather, and emergency updates. Our UW Oshkosh Facebook page and Twitter accounts—@uwoshkosh and @UWOshkoshToday—echo inclement weather updates that are relayed through the aforementioned University channels.

UW Oshkosh also updates an automated telephone line for timely information concerning class cancellations for winter weather-related conditions. Make a note to call (920) 424-0000 for the latest information.



Certain courses and research projects require that students work with hazardous materials (chemicals), laboratory equipment, or other machinery while engaging in academic studies. The principal investigator or instructor shall review the relevant standard operating procedures, safety data sheets, and/or training materials with their students before work begins where students may be exposed to health or physical hazards in the course of their studies. Students shall discuss any associated concerns with the instructor. Where applicable, students must complete training as described in the Campus Chemical Hygiene Plan before work can begin.

Contact: Risk and Safety
Phone: (920) 424-3215
On the Web: