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UW Oshkosh Calendar 2022-2024

The University of Wisconsin Oshkosh calendar makes it possible for students to choose the type and length of course they prefer. The 14-week fall and spring semesters are divided into terms of fourteen and seven weeks. The majority of courses are offered during a 14-week period, but many are held for double hours during the first seven weeks and some for double hours during the second seven.

The University also offers an intensive three week session during January (J-term) and May (May-term).

This calendar is designed to allow students more choice in selecting their schedules and to encourage the development of the participation in new educational alternatives. Students thereby enrich their total university experience with opportunities to take more courses in a term, if they wish to, and dramatically shorten the time required for graduation.

Among the special features designed into the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh calendar are:

  • Choices of courses offered for fourteen or seven-week periods within the fall and spring term.
  • Choices of three-week periods during January and May.
  • Choices to begin and finish courses at different times during the year to conform to work schedules, vacation plans, field studies or other personal preferences.
  • An additional feature permits enrollment in an eight-week or either of two, four-week summer terms.

Important Graduate Program Deadlines

  • Apply for Admission to Candidacy between nine credits and 21 credits.
  • Complete graduation application by the end of the fourth week of the spring/fall semesters or the first week of the summer session in which graduation is intended.
  • Register for comprehensive examination (if required by the program), dissertation, thesis, capstone, or culminating research project no later than the 10th day of the semester of graduation.
  • File dissertation/thesis research proposal by mid-term before the semester of graduation.
  • Submit the final dissertation/thesis manuscript by the end of the 14-week semester or by end of summer session in which the student intends to graduate (if applicable to program). NOTE: Registration for a dissertation, thesis, capstone, field project, culminating research project, or independent study are subject to the same add/drop dates as other courses as published in the semester schedule of classes.



2022-23 Academic Calendar

2023-24 Academic Calendar

The Calendar is subject to change without notice. For current details, refer to the Academic Calendar on the Academic Affairs website: