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Human Resource Solutions

  • Is your employee handbook aging?
  • Are your job descriptions attracting the right candidates?
  • How are you evaluating employee performance?
  • Does your compensation plan align with your business strategies?

At the Business Success Center, we can help you build excellence and integrity in your workforce through our Human Resource suite of services.

Employee Handbook

We will:

  • Meet with you to determine your specific needs and review guidelines for an effective manual.
  • Review your current employee policies.
  • Develop and deliver an up-to-date, customized employee handbook.

Cost: $2,250

Job Descriptions

We will:

  • Meet with you to determine your specific needs and review performance-based job descriptions.
  • Draft a job description template.
  • Interview job incumbents for each job description.
  • Create specific job descriptions for each position in your organization.
  • Review with the supervisor of record for accuracy and usefulness.
  • Deliver up-to-date, customized, performance-based job descriptions.

Cost: $650 + $75/description

Performance Appraisals

We will:

  • Review your job descriptions to ensure they are complete, up-to-date and performance-based.
  • Develop a process for performance appraisals.
  • Provide a template and instruction sheet for the appraisal form.
  • Create a flow chart of the performance appraisal process specific to your organization.
  • Lead a four-hour training session for your supervisors on the performance appraisal process and form, to ensure the effective use of your new customized solution.

Cost: $1,500

Compensation System

We will:

  • Create a structured pay grade system specific to your organization.
  • Develop pay grades.
  • Assign jobs to the pay grade system.
  • Develop and document a method for merit increase.

Cost: $1,000

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