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Student Research

Most of our faculty have undergraduate and graduate students working on research projects in their laboratory. Some students receive support for research. Below are listed some programs that pay the students. Individual faculty may have funding from grants. Talk to the faculty who do research that interests you!

  • Environmental Health/Beach Research Group
  • Student/Faculty Collaborative Grants (applications due in early February)
  • McNair Program

For information on internships (which may or may not include research activities) click here.

About Undergraduate Research

Value of research experience for undergraduates, how to identify opportunities on campus.

Why should you work on research?

Participating in research provides a student with hands-on experience and one-on-one interactions with faculty that are invaluable when applying for jobs or for graduate and professional schools. When you graduate, you will compete with many other students with degrees in biology or microbiology. You must distinguish yourself from the others. Doing research is perhaps the best way to do this!

What can you expect from a research project?

Most faculty will expect their students to devote many hours (at least 10) per week to a research project. You can accomplish little unless you do so. But if you do this you may find yourself presenting the results of your work at a professional meeting or even contributing to a publication.

Can a student get credit for research?

Students with a GPA of 3.0 or above and at least 60 credits of coursework can receive up to 12 credits of Independent Study (no more than three credits per term). Check with your adviser to verify how many credits will count toward your emphasis.

How can you find a research project?

To find a research project, talk to faculty who do research that interests you. Click here for a list of faculty and their research interests.