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Toivo Kallas Ph.D.

Professor Emeritus


My Interests:

Cyanobacteria play a huge role in global ecology, accounting for ~50% of photosynthesis in the oceans and ~25% globally.  They are one of the organisms being seriously studied as a source of bio fuels.  My laboratory focuses on aspects of photosynthesis, in particular, electron transport through the cytochrome b6f complex.  We have constructed mutations in this complex and are examining the biochemical and gene expression differences in these mutants. Most of this work has been funded by the National Science Foundation.


My Education and Training:


Teaching Experience:

  • Bio. 105 Concepts in Biology:  Unity
  • Bio. 375/575 Microbial Genetics (fall)
  • Bio. 377/577 Microbial Genetics Laboratory (fall)
  • Bio. 389/589 Principles of Biotechnology (spring)
  • Bio. 390/590 Biotechnology Laboratory (spring)