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UW Oshkosh Biology Department

The UW Oshkosh Department of Biology has faculty with expertise ranging from microbes to mammals, from physiology to paleontology, from behavior to bioinformatics.

News & Announcements

25 September 2023: Drs. Jessica Lucas and Robert Stelzer publish with their students on the accumulation of microplastics in zebra mussels [Stelzer et al. 2023, Wat. Air and Soil Poll.]

22 September 2023: Students in the Department of Biology conduct research in the greenhouses and learn the basics of cheesemaking.

31 August 2023: Please click here to view the first Biology department newsletter!

4 August 2023: Biology major Brittany Dupree and her mentor Dr. Jessica Lucas publish on the biometry of stomatal pores in corn. (Lucas & Dupree 2023, MicroPubl. Biol.)

27 April 2023: Congratulations to biology students Geryd Steffek and Brian Conway, who received best presentation awards for their research at the UWO Celebration of Scholarship!

1 March 2023: Dr. Laura Ladwig contributes to research that predicts how plant communities will change over time in savannah ecosystems. [Ahler et al. 2023, Plant Ecol.]

13 January 2023: Members of the Mitchell lab contribute to the genome project of the western corn rootworm, one of the most serious pests of corn in the United States. [Coates et al. 2023, BMC Genomics]

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