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War Vol 3

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Vol. 3 Warriors & Students

Weekly Journals
Story Behind the Story

Warriors & Students is the third of the War: Through Their Eyes series. This latest installment features the work of 10 journalism students who’ve produced an 100-page book, 300 online journal entries and 30 audio podcasts that highlight the stories of 10 student veterans. These warriors and students shared stories that they haven’t told before. One joined the Marines because he wanted to show the world he wasn’t a quitter; another joined the Army to make money so his sister could get life-saving surgery. Another talked about being part of the U.S. invasion of Iraq, how surreal the scene was and how far away he felt from his home in Wisconsin.

I teach my students the value of story, how stories connect us as people. This third installment of the War series also include a new component - the Story Behind the Story. For nine of the 10 student reporters, war had been a foreign concept; one student is an Iraq War veteran. The students understood on some level that the United States is still engaged in warfare, but they had little understanding of what that really meant. In the Story Behind the Story, I asked my students to delve into their own journey in the telling of the veteran’ stories. The student reporters held nothing back.

On one level Warriors & Students refers to our student veterans; on another level, it is about two groups of people -  warriors and students.

And War: Through Their Eyes, Vol. 3, Warriors & Students, is their story. - Grace Lim, editor


The Student Veterans Stories

Myle Bork photo

Myles Bork
Nick Brewer photo

NIck Brewer
Michael Dierich photo

Michael Dierich
Warren Glas photo

Warren Glas
Dustin Hackbarth photo

Dustin Hackbarth
Aaron Jackson photo

Aaron Jackson
Kat McCard photo

Kat McCard
Todd Raley photo

Todd Raley
Adam Ruetten photo

Adam Ruetten


Student Reporters Weekly Journals


Alex Beld photo

Alex Beld
Morgan Counts photo

Morgan Counts
Isaac Federspiel photo

Isaac Federspiel
Holly Ivansek photo

Holly Ivansek
Zachary Kaiser photo

Zachary Kaiser
Lori Ligocki photo

Lori Ligocki
Molly Linn photo

Molly Linn
Hannah Opacich photo

Hannah Opacich
Trevor Uitenbroek photo

Trevor Uitenbroek
Carly Washebek photo

Carly Washebek


The Story Behind the Story are personal essays written by the student reporters, documenting their journey of this semester-long project. They wrote about the challenges and the lessons learned.

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