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Midwest in the Far East-COB Goals

Marianne Johnson in China
UW Oshkosh economics professor Marianne Johnson (center) in
China along with Tanvi Kothari (l) and Surinda Taengnoi, also UW
Oshkosh professors

 Marianne Johnson
Professor of Economics

China is either typecast as an easy solution for American company problems or as a major threat to the U.S. economy.  Both views belie the complexity of U.S.-Chinese relations – on a cultural level, on a political level, and on a business level. The goal of the Business and Economics study abroad trip is to illustrate that business practices and strategies in China – like the rest of the world – are very complex. And U.S. companies that do business in China – either selling final goods in the Chinese market or manufacturing in China for export – need to have an understanding of Chinese history and culture, of the peculiarities of Chinese business culture,  of the business strategy issues specific to China, and of the Chinese economy. Thus, the goal of the trip is to give students a broadened vision of business today. 

Many UW Oshkosh business students want to work in the Fox Valley after graduation and think that by doing so, they don’t have to worry about the global economy. This is an extremely misleading view. Northeast Wisconsin companies – both large and small -- are actively tied to the global economy. Oshkosh Corporation has a Beijing Sales Office and has recently opened a production facility for JLG in Tianjin. Kohler is a major presence in China. Smaller, family companies such as SNC Manufacturing have plants in China and international divisions. And Oshkosh entrepreneurs are looking for ways to capitalize on the China market by providing health services. We hope to convey the importance of China for business and illustrate the different opportunities available for U.S. companies.

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