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Med Tech 4

 Mirand LaPointe
Student intern Miranda LaPointe practices drawing blood from fellow intern Sky Rodriguez. Photo by Shawn McAfee/UW Oshkosh Learning Technologies.

 Ready for the Real World

Students in the medical technology program at the UW Oshkosh often did not start there as freshmen. They come by way of business or nursing or even philosophy.  More often than not, they come across this growing program by complete accident.

“Despite how hard I work at promoting here, a majority of students stumble upon it,” Strous says. “Some people just come here to explore. But, if you don’t like science than it’s not going to be any fun. You have to eat that stuff up and like it.”

Phil Prusinski was drawn away from nursing after he saw a flier publicizing the med tech program. 

“All the courses sounded fascinating to me,” says Prusinski, who graduated from the program in 2009 and is now working as a medical technologist in the Marshfield Clinics in Marshfield, Wis. 

“After researching the job, I discovered it was an occupation I could feel certain there would be job opportunities,” he said. “The work was something I would enjoy, so I switched majors to medical technology.”

Unlike Prusinski, Hailey Thimmig came to UW Oshkosh with medical technology in mind.

“I knew I wanted to go in to medical technology,” she said. “I took tours around other campuses in Wisconsin but I loved UWO. The program is amazing.”

Despite all of the hard work, Thimmig is confident that this is what she wants to do for the rest of her life.

“Sometimes it’s a bit overwhelming, sometimes the schedules can get a little crazy and it’s hard to fit everything,” she says. “But it’s all worth it. I’ve made life long friends. The school puts you in challenging science classes, but in the end it can only benefit you.”


 In this video interview with COLS Special Reports Producer Grace Lim, UW Oshkosh medical technology student Sky Rodriguez talks about the role medical technologists play in the health care arena.

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