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Dr. Andy Robson Page 3



Listen to Dr. Robson's answer to this one question: Earth Charter has high ideals, how can I one person, make any difference?

(This audio only podcast is produced by COLS Special Reporter student reporter Courtney Rinka. The video is also available for download to your iPod through UW Oshkosh iTunesU (requires iTunes).

“The great thing is that you can apply the Earth Charter principles to all aspects of your life.” Robson said. “You can apply it right here in the community, right here in your own life, [and] you get involved in thinking about it on a global scale.”

There is a lot of interest in Earth Charter, which means the principles speak to people, according to Robson. “It gives a set of principles that can be referred to, especially if people endorse it,” Robson said. “The fact that [UW Oshkosh] has endorsed it means that it’s reasonable to expect that they take the principles seriously.”

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