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Battle on the Bayeux!

Odo_bayeux_tapestry_detailCome learn Norman and Anglo-Saxon battle tactics! Embroider or color your own scene from the Bayeux Tapestry!

Local experts James Aldrich and Allison Welch will lead visitors in re-creating 11th-century military maneuvers and weaving and embroidery techniques captured in the Tapestry.

Wednesday, March 30

Noon to 3 p.m. Reeve Union Concourse

Put down the scythe and take up the spear!

Still life with medieval sword and hauberk

Saxons of the Great Fyrd!! The proud enemy approaches. Your brothers are weary from slaughtering the Danes. Will you stand with them as free men in the shieldwall or cower in your barns as the Norman pretender pillages your lands? We will make you reapers of men!

Normans! Duke William sails to claim his kingdom and ride to wealth and glory. Will you honor your liege or sit by your fires like old Saxon women? Your captains will forge you into the hammer that will crush the rebel Harold and his crumbling wall of dreamers. Diex Aïe!


Follow a thread of history!


In this hands-on workshop, learn Bayeux embroidery techniques including stem, stitching and laid work to make your own Bayeux Tapestry scene.

Embroidery hoops, sewing needles, wool and fabric with a pre-printed pattern are all supplied.