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Science in Motion

Science is study of the natural world. Whether it is the body systems, the solar system, or energy transfer, these systems and processes make the natural work move. Dance and theater are excellent ways for students to demonstrate their knowledge of these ideas as they...

Tableau Introduction Slides

Simple slides to explain what tableau is, share some examples to discuss, and basic steps to get started with your class! Supporting Documents: Tableau-Introduction Contact:  Brooke Lepper  

Silent Film Study

Explore the history of silent films and the role music plays in them. Students will then create their own short silent films inspired by a piece of classical music. Supporting Documents: Silent Film Study Contact:  Schuyler Pietz  

Co-Teaching & Working with Others

A 6th-grade regular ed teacher, a rookie to Arts Integration and a special education teacher with no AI experience. We’ve been co-teaching for 8 years and added Arts Integrated lessons to our plate last year; it’s been the perfect storm! Ta will be sharing challenges...

Vocal Tools for Reading Aloud with Comprehension

Words have so much meaning when you use your voice to express them! We will be looking deep within the text to notice punctuation, character, mood, and illustrations to help us use our vocal tools and get a deeper understanding of text. We use our voices every day in...

Tableau and Theme

This session will focus on how students can identify their understanding of theme in a text using the art form of tableau. Supporting Documents: Actor’s Toolbox Contacts: Sara Gierach