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Transcendentalism: Books, Beliefs, and the Beyond

Students are exploring the early nineteenth century literary movement of Transcendentalism through foundational texts by Ralph Waldo Emerson and Henry David Thoreau. Using this knowledge, students become transcendentalists themselves using sensory observational...

Trading Cards

Research Native American tribes (4th grade) or animals (2nd grade) using online resources and textbooks. Create trading cards using the research. Contact: Stafani Karl, Haley Schwanebeck

Art: Foiled Again!

Students will create a scratch art that illustrates an emotion of their choosing. It will use at least 2 scratch art techniques. Supporting Documents: Presentation Contact: Katie Stadler

We Remember: Butterfly Project

Students will research a victim/survivor from the Holocaust using ID cards from the Holocaust Encyclopedia. Students will write an adapted narrative about their chosen person. Students will analyze their person to pull out symbols, colors, textures, etc. to represent...

Moon Phases

Students will use a clay circle to create moon craters and create texture. Students will paint their moons phase on the clay moon to represent earth’s shadow. All students will put their finished moons in order of moon phases. Supporting Documents: Presentation...