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Trading Cards

Research Native American tribes (4th grade) or animals (2nd grade) using online resources and textbooks. Create trading cards using the research. Contact: Stafani Karl, Haley Schwanebeck

Moon Phases

Students will use a clay circle to create moon craters and create texture. Students will paint their moons phase on the clay moon to represent earth’s shadow. All students will put their finished moons in order of moon phases. Supporting Documents: Presentation...

Snap Word Creations

Students use materials of their choice to create their snap word (sight word/high frequency word). Students can then add their word to the class crossword puzzle, choosing how it might interlace with other snap words (same letters in common). Supporting Documents:...

Celebration of Light

Students will apply their understanding of shapes, light, and shadow to their viewing and creation of polyhedral sculptures. They will visit the Paine Art Center and Garden’s Nature of Light exhibition (fall 2022) and learn about the HYBYCOZO artists who created...

Power of Collaboration

Participants will discuss ways to collaborate for find a team to integrate art. They will do a “Get to Know You Bingo” activity and have a group discussion. Supporting Documents: Slides, Bingo Sheet Contact: Leigh Marmes