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On one of the first days of school, read students the book The Circles All Around Us by Brad Montague. Discuss the different circles we have all around us. For example, we have a family circle, an extended family circle, a friend circle… Explain to students that they now have a classroom circle as well and that we want to make sure everyone in their classroom circle feels like part of the circle/class family.

Ask students if they know what friendship bracelets are and show them an example if they don’t know. Exchanging friendship bracelets was popular at Taylor Swift concerts during 2023 so students may have heard about that. Ask students what shape friendship bracelets are (circles) to help them make a connection between the book and the bracelets. Have students make either braided friendship/class family bracelet, possibly with a charm OR a bracelet with pony beads and elastic string.

Supporting Documents: Lesson Plan

Contact: Madeline Knoblock