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In this project, students will discover the “Seasonal Round” that Native peoples traditionally followed to harvest different food resources during the four seasons. They will make connections between how their life does or doesn’t follow a “Seasonal Round” today by making a map of the cultural foods or celebratory foods that they eat throughout the year. For example, do they eat certain foods such as Strawberries in June, apples in early autumn, or Turkey for Thanksgiving? Next, they will research the Seasonal Round of one particular Wisconsin First Nation. They will make a diagram explaining their tribe’s seasonal round. Students will discover that Wisconsin First Nations had a division of labor with different duties for men and women. Finally, students will make a restaurant menu of First Nation recipes either traditional or modern. Students will study effective and ineffective menus to learn how to create an appealing menu that directs the customer to purchase certain items. In the menu, students will make connections between the seasonal round they researched and at least one recipe ingredient. Students will also learn that Native peoples today are modern people. They create modern fusion dishes that blend traditional ingredients to make recipes that are common in our students’ lives.

Supporting Documents: Lesson Plan, Presentation, Handouts, Student Work

Contact: Stephen Hilger