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Watch “What is Symbolism” on YouTube ( will read books such as:Richard Wright and the Library Card by William Miller, The Butterfly by Patricia Polacco, The Other Side by Jacqueline Woodson, The Memory Coat by Elvira Woodruff, Enemy Pie by Derek Munson, The Dot by Peter H. ReynoldsAfter reading the books the teacher and class will work to discuss how the author uses symbolism in his/her book.Watch “Personal Symbols Painting for Kids” on YouTube ( will share artwork by Joaquin Torres-Garcia.After sharing some of the artwork teachers and students will discuss how pictures and color can both symbolize concepts that are greater than what they may initially seem to be.Students will finally work to create a watercolor painting that mirrors the work of Joaquin Torres-Garcia and look for examples of symbolism in the books that they are reading.

Supporting Documents: Slides, Examples

Contact: Matt Bonson