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We did this project during our Holocaust Unit. After we built background knowledge about World War II and the Holocaust, we had the students research a Holocaust victim or survivor. The students then wrote an adaptive narrative about their victim/survivor. We had the students dig deep into the person: what do they think their favorite color was, symbols that would describe them, etc… Once they planned that out and created three thumb nail sketches, they then created their butterfly to represent their person. We provided the butterfly template, paint, markers, ribbon, beads, etc… for the students to create their butterfly. The activity is based off of a poem written by children in the Terezin Concentration Camp and was published in the book, I Never Saw Another Butterfly. This is a project that has been participated in around the world. The goal was to create one butterfly for each child who was lost during the Holocaust.

Supporting Documents:  Holocaust Lesson Plan

Holocaust Butterfly Project

Contact:  Paula Hacker