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Making Sense out of Numbers and Art

Heidi and I want to present how naturally you can collaborate with colleagues to come up with common vocabulary to reach standards in multiple content areas. Supporting Documents: Numbers and Art Contact: Cheryl Donovan  

Silent Film Study

Explore the history of silent films and the role music plays in them. Students will then create their own short silent films inspired by a piece of classical music. Supporting Documents: Silent Film Study Contact:  Schuyler Pietz  

Co-Teaching & Working with Others

A 6th-grade regular ed teacher, a rookie to Arts Integration and a special education teacher with no AI experience. We’ve been co-teaching for 8 years and added Arts Integrated lessons to our plate last year; it’s been the perfect storm! Ta will be sharing challenges...

Movement and Content Area Learning (Math & Science)

Finding ways to integrate the arts into math class can be tough. During this presentation, attendees will learn and practice how to integrate movement with the math standard of representing patterns and relationships. Also discussed will be using movement in science...

Music and Memoirs

In our fifth grade writing curriculum students learn about the process of writing a personal memoir. For this unit we decided to integrate music and writing. Students learned about how to identify the tone or mood in their piece of writing by finding text evidence. In...