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Math Monsters

Students will create a Math Monster using a variety of polygons. They will add details such as hair, teeth and claws. Complimentary colors will be required to give the monsters color and patterns are welcome. Students will measure the required shapes and plug in their...

Personal Narrative Collage

Students will create a collage depicting their personal narrative essay. Supporting Documents:  Personal Narrative Collages Contact: Karen Mason  

Drawing to Write

The lesson we learned in Colony with the twist of writing your story in a paper book made from one sheet of paper. Could be used in any subject area as a review. Supporting documents: Drawing to Write Contacts: Ta Feiter  

Sketch Notes to Increase Literacy Engagement

This presentation will cover ways to engage students during a language workshop through the arts. We will discuss ways to teach sketch notes and utilize it to increase student engagement, comprehension and discussion for all learners. This session was led by a general...

Divide and Conquer: Body Percussion, Rhythm and Math

Create body percussion patterns for music making as well as learning about order of operations, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Study and create fraction patterns and convert to music rhythms. This has been engaging and thought provoking for...