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The Chilton Middle School sixth graders have been tasked with teaching their peers about Africa’s many countries and cultures. The four social studies blocks have been assigned a different area of Africa’s huge continent. It is their job to teach about the Land, Climate, Economy, and People. This is the research part of the project. Social studies is not just about researching information. The students are being assessed on their cooperative learning as well. They need to create their own project, jobs, and visuals for the final project, which will be shared on stage at the Engler Center. The students have chosen to create a newscast, a wax museum, a blend of both, and a play/power point. In addition to the hard work in social studies, the students are also learning to African drum in music, create African Cloths in Art, and identify African rhythms in band. They have also read A Long Walk to Water by Linda Sue Park and watched Disney’s feature film Queen of Katwe. A guest speaker who has traveled to Africa will also be presenting their experiences as well. This is an exciting arts-infused unit.

Supporting Documents: Africa Unit Project Africa Unit Project Formal Rubric

Contact: Amy Hanson