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Supplies Every Art Student Needs

Portfolio Case

Digital Camera

Sketch Book

Safety glasses and goggles

Dust mask


Utility knife and lots of blades

Xacto knife and lots of blades

Rulers/yardstick/18” metal ruler

Compressed charcoal—4-6 sticks, 4B or 6B

Charcoal pencil, 6B

Vine charcoal

White contè or pastel

Flat nose pliers

Round nose pliers

India ink

Kneaded eraser

White plastic eraser

Tool Kit/Tackle box or container to keep supplies

Drawing board

Drawing pencils 4B (dark), 2B, HB, 2H (light)

Pencil sharpener (metal works best)

Black marker – fine line

Gift Cards to your favorite art supply store

Good Reads for Art Students

Meggs’ History of Graphic Design
Philip B. Meggs and Alson W. Puruis

A Short Guide to Writing About Art
Sylvan Barnet

The Critique Handbook: A Sourcebook and Survival Guide
Kendall Buster and Paula Crawford

Art and Fear
David Bayles and Ted Orland,

Criticizing Art: Understanding the Contemporary and Interpreting Art: Reflecting, Wondering, and Responding
Terry Barrett

Art Speak: A Guide to Contemporary Ideas, Movements, and Buzzwords
Robert Atkins

Writing Down the Bone: Freeing the Writer Within
Natalie Goldberg

About Looking and Ways of Seeing
John Berger

Consciousness: A Very Short Introduction
Susan Blackmore

The Writing Life
Annie Dillard

The Art Game Book
David Rosenberg

Art History: A Very Short Introduction
Dana Arnold

The Shape of Content
Ben Shahn

Principles of Three-Dimensional Design: Objects, Space and Meaning
Stephen Luecking

Shaping Space
Paul Zelanski and Mary Pat Fisher

Vitamin D: New Perspectives in Drawing
Emma Dexter

Vitamin P: New Perspectives in Painting
Barry Schwabsky

Paul Zelanski and Mary Pat Fisher

Principles of Form and Design
Wucius Wong,

The Shock of the New
Robert Hughes

But is it Art?
Cynthia Freeland

American Art Since 1945
David Joselit

Art on the Edge and Over: Searching for Art’s Meaning in Contemporary Art Society 1970-1990s
Linda Weintraub

How to Survive and Prosper as an Artist
Caroll Michels

Great Jobs for Art Majors
Blythe Camenson

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