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Clubs & Organizations

As an art student, there are several student organizations you can join.

Priebe Art Gallery Board (Priebe Art)

The Allen Priebe Art Gallery board is a student run organization. The board consists of five students, with a faculty advisor.The purpose of such a gallery is to direct students input into gallery and university affairs.We do selection and curation of a variety of exhibitions, arrange visiting artists and artist activities, and bring a diverse range of cultural experiences to the university's community.


ArtsCore Student Organization (ASO)

The ArtsCore Student Organization provides opportunities for any student who wishes to integrate the arts into their work and subjects pursued during their college careers. Working from a multiplicity of artistic philosophies from across the Fine and Performing Arts genre.  Representing diverse geographical points of residence, ethnic and cultural backgrounds and perspectives, through on-campus visits, lectures, workshops, etc., student members will gain access to fresh and distinct artistic viewpoints and methodologies.

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