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Four-year plans


Degree planning sheet


General education requirements

Scheduling Classes

  • Talk to your art faculty adviser about scheduling your classes.
  • It is very important to not delay your program by starting your art foundation courses immediately.
  • Use the Course Planning Worksheet to help with planning out your courses.
  • You are able to complete both the fine art and art major in 4 years with careful planning.
  • Take no more than three studio courses during any one semester.
  • Be mindful of any course sequences and courses that are not offered every semester.
  • Spread our your general education courses to prevent an overload of upper-level studio courses during your junior and senior years.
  • Take your natural science courses as early as possible  because they are difficult to work into a weekly schedule.
  • Twelve credits are required per semester to be considered full time.
  • Use the registrar’s course search to see current offerings of art courses for the upcoming semester.

Department of Art Closed Class Policy:
The Department of Art does not maintain waitlists for closed classes.  Students who would like to be added to a closed class should contact the instructor of the closed section to discuss options for being added to the class.

How Advisers Are Assigned

Studio and Graphic Design
Your art faculty adviser is assigned after you have declared an art or fine art major.

Art Education
Art education students are assigned an art education professor after declaring an art education major. You will keep your UARC advisor to help with education requirements.

Required Advising
All newly declared art majors are required to meet with their advisers before registering for the upcoming semester’s courses.

How To Find Your Adviser

Your adviser’s name appears on your Advisement Report, please contact them.

It is strongly recommended to communicate with your adviser on a regular semester basis for assistance in program planning, scheduling classes and meeting degree requirements.  This is the student’s responsibility.  In order to be fully prepared, you should familiarize yourself with the university’s course catalog, art department requirements, and general degree requirements.

Department of Art
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