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Students who select painting as their emphasis are offered courses which focus on oil, acrylic or magna and watercolor media. Painting I teaches technical skills along with the development of sound structural awareness (two-dimensional IQ) and cognition between paint and significant ideas. The advanced student in painting expands on this foundation, particularly in the continued development of ideas of consequence.

All faculty who teach the beginning and advanced painting courses are professional painters who share in the conviction that the example of their working methods and exhibitions should serve as an integral part of their instruction. Thus, students are often invited to the studios of their professors.  Students discover that not only do faculty fully respect their own opinions, but they are also greatly encouraged to develop strong, personal and independent views on the painting discipline.


Courses Offered

  • Art 241 - Watercolor I
  • Art 275 - Painting I
  • Art 341 - Watercolor II
  • Art 375 - Painting II
  • Art 441 - Watercolor III
  • Art 475 - Painting III


Facilities and Equipment

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