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Art Education

Art education is the second largest area in the art department, with an annual enrollment of sixty students. We graduate, on average, ten art teachers every year. Our art education program prepares students to teach art to children in kindergarten through twelfth grade and in a variety of community settings, such as museums and afterschool programs. Unlike students in most other universities offering art education degrees, UW Oshkosh art education majors receive a Bachelors of Fine Art (BFA) rather than a BA or BS degree. The BFA provides students extended opportunities to both deepen and broaden their studio knowledge and skills as well as their understanding of art history and developments in contemporary art practice.

In addition to studio and art history courses, art education majors complete three methods classes in which they explore the historical and theoretical foundations of art education, identify and apply a wide range of age-appropriate teaching methods, examine current issues in art education, and gain hands-on, real-world teaching experience in school (k-12 public and private schools) and community settings (such as the Paine Art Center, Boys and Girls Club of Oshkosh, Evergreen Retirement Community, and the UW Oshkosh High School Art Day). The capstone of the art education program is an 18-week student teaching experience, which includes nine weeks in an elementary school and nine weeks in a secondary placement.

The art education program actively encourages students to be engaged in professional organizations, such as the Wisconsin Art Education Association and the National Art Education Association, and to take leadership roles in our two, art education organizations -- Students Organized for Art (SOFA) and Art Education Student Chapter.


Courses Offered

  • Art 253 - Foundations of Art Education
  • Art 354 - Art Education, Elementary
  • Art 356 - Art Education, Secondary
  • Secondary Education 366 - Clinical in Teaching taken for 1 credit concurrently with Art 253, 354, and 356


Art Education Courses for Elementary Education Majors:

  • Art 203 - Art Concepts and Creations for the Elementary Educator
  • Art 355 - Teaching of Art


Facilities and Equipment

UWO has two art education classrooms equipped with an 18 by 24 inch Conrad printing press, AV equipment, computers/printers, a 5,000 watt ceramics kiln and other amenities/supplies similar to those found in K-12 classrooms.

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