JaeHan Bae

Art Education


Art Education, field research, visual culture in art education and community-based art education


Art 203 - Art: Concepts, Creations & Children
Art 253 - Foundations of Art Education
Art 354 - Art Education Elementary Methods
Art 355 - Teaching of Art
Education 366 - Clinical Teaching in Art (K-12)
Student Teaching


Ph.D., Florida State University

Selected Work and Publications
Books & Chapters

Bae, J. (2009). An art education and cultural learning program for Korean teachers: Six Korean elementary teachers have experienced culture, arts, and education in Florida during a month. Saarbrücken, Germany: VDM Verlag Dr. Müller.
Bae, J. (in press). Korean Sotdae: Nature, art, and guardian of community In Sheng Kwon Cheng (Ed.), Teaching Asian Art Anthropology. Reston, VA: National Art Education Association.


An Intercultural Peace Mural Project: Let's make a peaceful world hand in hand, Art Education 65(1), 47-54. (2012) Article PDF
Teaching with murals at a post office: A community's past, present, and future, Art Education 62(5), 25-32. (2009) Article PDF
Collage as a Mirror of Society, School Arts 108 (8), 34-35. (2009) Article PDF
Letter to the Editor, Art Education (March 2007)

Translated Articles

Visual Culture and Art Education (by Peter Smith), Korean Journal of Research in Art & Education 4 (2003)

National Conference Referenced Papers

A Mural Workshop for Korean and American Students, NAEA, Baltimore, Md. (2010)
Teaching Asian Art: Context, Content, and Pedagogy, Upcoming (with Sheng Kuan Chung and authors), NAEA, Baltimore, Md. (2010)
Motion Pictures in the Classroom: Teaching Students How to Make Motion Pictures (with Hawn-Sun Kim), NAEA, New York (2007)
Intensive Art Education Program for Six Korean Elementary School Teachers, NAEA, Chicago, Ill. (2006)
Political Issues and Art Education (with Bokyung Koo and Haikyung Kim), NAEA, Boston, Mass. (2005)
Shamanism, Multiculturalism, and Art Education, NAEA, Boston, Mass. (2005)

Regional Conference Referenced Papers

Sotdae: A Form of Korean Public Sculpture. WAEA, La Crosse, Wis. (October 28, 2010) PowerPoint
Refining Creativity, Problem Solving, and Life Skills through Mural Projects, WAEA, Milwaukee, Wis. (October 28, 2009)