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HSAD Schedule

The events of HSAD, April 27, will take place in Arts & Communication Building with registration occurring in the lobby by the Priebe Gallery as in the past.

Friday, April 27UWO High School Art Day (HSAD)
8:30 - 9:30

High school art students and their teachers arrive at the UWO campus for registration.  They are given a building map and directed to specific rooms in which to:

  • Pinup or display their artwork for the competition
  • View work from other high schools
  • Visit the Galleries
Students and teachers snack on doughnuts, coffee, and juice in the lobby area of A/C building.
9:30 - 11:00
  • Students go to designated workshop rooms.
  • Art Education Majors teach workshops, each addressing a different media
  • Before students leave, they will fill out a short survey/feedback form about the workshop.
  • After the workshop, students leave on-site artwork in the room and pick it up after the closing ceremony.
11:00 - 11:10
Break.  Travel to critique rooms. Students view artwork from other schools in the critique rooms if they did not have time earlier in the morning.
11:10 - Noon
  • Students return to the critique rooms in which they deposited their off-site artwork for verbal and written feedback from UWO art faculty.
  • Artwork selected for the HSAD exhibition will be announced at this time.
Noon - 12:15 Go to Reeve Theatre (Rm 307) in Reeve Memorial Union for Closing Statements.  To find your way to the Theater, go to the lobby and follow the human signs.
12:20 - 12:50
  • Closing statements.
  • Information about the Department of Art, HSAD exhibition, awards and closing reception at the Steinhilber Art Gallery in Reeve Memorial Union on Saturday, May 5.
12:50 - 1:10
  • Students pick up their off-site work in critique rooms and on-site projects from workshop studios if necessary.
  • Goodbye and thank you for your participation.

Please share this schedule with your students before HSAD.

For information on parking and a map of the UWO campus, please view the Campus Map page.

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