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Susan Maxwell

Professor (M.A. and Ph.D, University of Virginia)


Renaissance and Baroque Art and the History of Graphic Arts



  • Art 209 - Art History Survey I
  • Art 210 - Art History Survey II
  • Art 308 - Special Topics: History of Prints & Printmaking
  • Art 310 - Ancient Art
  • Art 311 - Medieval Art & Architecture
  • Art 312 - Gothic Art & Architecture
  • Art 313 - Italian Renaissance Art
  • Art 314 - Northern Renaissance Art
  • Art 315 - Baroque Art and Architecture
  • Art 325 - Greek & Roman Art
  • Art 482 - Art History Seminar (special topics have included From Bosch to Bruegel, Art in the Age of Albrecht Dürer, and Italian Renaissance Frescoes)
  • Art 484 - Capstone: Taught as Theory and Methodology


Contact Information

Office: A/C 328
Telephone: (920) 424-0492
Links: Curriculum Vitae


Current Projects

  • New research: A War of Words and Images: Broadsheets during the Thirty Years War
  • Article in progress:  “The Munich Hunting Paintings of Peter Paul Rubens in Early Modern Political Discourse and Art Theory”


  • “Wittelsbach Patronage from the late Middle Ages to the Thirty Years' War.” In Oxford Bibliographies in Art History. Ed. Thomas DaCosta Kaufmann. New York: Oxford University Press, 2017.
  • "Lazy Foreigners and Indignant Locals: Influence and Rivalry in Bavarian Court Patronage." In The Artist Between Court and City - L'Artiste Entre le Cour et la Ville - Der Künstler zwischen Hof und Stadt (1300-1600), eds. Dagmar Eichberger and Philip Lorentz. Peterberg: Michael Imhoff Verlag, 2017.
  • “Every Living Beast: Collecting Animals in Early Modern Munich.” In Animals and Early Modern Identity, edited by Pia Cuneo, University of Arizona. Ashgate Publishing Company, 2014.
  • The Court Art of Friedrich Sustris: Patronage in Late Renaissance Bavaria, Ashgate Publishing Company, 2011.
  • “The Pursuit of Art and Pleasure in the Secret Grotto of Wilhelm V of Bavaria,” Renaissance Quarterly 61:2 Summer (2008): 414-462.
  • "A Marriage Commemorated in the Stairway of Fools," Sixteenth Century Journal 36:3 (2005): 717-741.


Recent Conference Talks & Grant Activity

  • "Artful Negotiator: Peter Paul Rubens in the Cause of Peace." in Rethinking Europe: War and Peace in the Early Modern German Lands, Eigth International Conference Frühe Neuzeit Interdisziplinär, St. Louis, March 2018.
  • "Flanders Ascendant? The Shift to the North in Ducal Patronage of Early Modern Bavaria" in Batavia in Bavaria. Niederländische und flämische Kunst und Künstler in Süddeutschland. Arbeitskreis Niederländische Kunst- und Kulturgeschichte, Munich, October 2017.
  • Chair and Organizer, "Art and the Thirty Years' War." Double panel. Renaissance Society of America Annual Conference, Chicago, March 2017.
  • "The Munich Kunstkammer: a ‘museum non solum rarum, sed unicum in tota Europa.'" Renaissance Society of America Annual Conference, Boston, March 2016.
  • "Rubens and the Bavarians." Renaissance Society of America Annual Conference, Berlin, March 2015.
  • "Menageries in Miniature: Johann König, Roelandt Savery, and the Ordering of Nature."Sixteenth Century Studies Conference, New Orleans, upcoming  October 2014.
  • "Lazy Foreigners and Indignant Locals: Influence and Rivalry in Bavarian Court Patronage." Civic Artists and Court Artists (1300-1600). Case Studies and Conceptual Ideas about the Status, Tasks and Working Conditions of Artists and Artisans, Institut national d'lhistoire de l'art (INHA), Paris, June 2014.
  • "The Elephant in the Kunstkammer: The Role of Animals in the Universal Collection" Sixteenth Century Studies Conference, San Juan, October 2013.
  • “Science and Statecraft in Rubens' Munich Hunt Paintings” presented at the Max Planck Institute for the History of Science, Art and Knowledge in Pre-Modern Europe Colloquium Series 2013, Berlin, March 2013
  • DAAD Research Fellow, Max-Planck Institut für Wissenschaftsgeschichte, Berlin, Spring 2013
  • Public Lecture: "Raubtiere und Wildschweine: Staatspolitik und Kunsttheorie in Rubens Jagdbildern" Historisches Kolleg München, November 12, 2012
  • Honorary Fellow, Historisches Kolleg München, Fall 2012
  • Hercules Bavaricus: Rebranding the Wittelsbach Dukes in Image and Text,” Frühe Neuzeit Interdisziplinär, Duke University, March 2012.


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