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Art Metals

The art metal lab has been fully equipped with all the tools essential to an undergraduate or graduate program. Work stations are conveniently located around specialized equipment that allows for any art metal fabrication or casting processes.

Courses Offered

  • Art 263 – Art Metal I
  • Art 363 – Art Metal II
  • Art 463 – Art Metal III


  • 20 jewelers benches
  • 2 flex shaft stations
  • 2 rolling mills
  • 2 buffing machines
  • Grinder
  • Belt sander
  • Band saw
  • Drill press
  • Vulcanizing machine
  • Vacuum investment machine
  • Vacuum caster
  • Centrifuge caster
  • 4 soldering stations w/ acetylene-air and natural gas-forced air torches
  • Annealing station w/ natural
  • Gas-forced air torch
  • Oxygen-acetylene torch
  • Fume hood with gas stove
  • Stake table
  • Raising stakes and hammers
  • Bench and beverly shears
  • Slip roller
  • Hydraulic press
  • Enameling kiln
  • Burnout kiln
  • Bending brake
  • Sand blaster
  • Wax injector
  • Lathe
  • Furnace and crucible


The philosophy of the ceramics area within the department of art is to build a solid foundation upon which to explore and develop strong personal ceramic work. Building upon ceramic history and tradition and blending contemporary art making approaches, students will develop proficient craftsmanship and technical skills and realize the potential limitless aesthetic and conceptual possibilities of the medium, expanding “ceramics” to be inclusive of mixed media and installation.

Students at all levels participate in a critical dialogue and do responses, readings and writing, as these are essential to furthering an appreciation and understanding for the arts and vital skills for the developing artist.

Courses Offered

  • Art 271 – Ceramics I
  • Art 371 – Ceramics II
  • Art 471 – Ceramics III

The ceramics lab occupies over 4,500 square feet in a bright and sunny building located along the banks of the Fox River, a short distance from the Arts and Communications Center.


The sculpture emphasis provides the student with various courses in the discipline. In the introductory course, students learn the fundamentals of sculpture using basic techniques of modeling, carving and casting.

Craftsmanship is emphasized in the intermediate and advanced courses with emphasis placed on conceptualization and design in the latter class.

Courses Offered

  • Art 267 – Sculpture I
  • Art 367 – Sculpture II
  • Art 467 – Sculpture III


The woodworking studio contains power machinery and hand tools to accommodate the most ambitious and exploratory projects in natural and man-made materials. A central vacuum and exhaust ventilating system add to the safety features of these studios work areas.

Courses Offered

  • Art 252 – Woodworking I
  • Art 352 – Woodworking II
  • Art 452 – Advanced Woodworking





  • 2 table saws
  • Floor model drill press
  • Shaper
  • Router table
  • Grinder
  • Miter saw
  • Mortise machine
  • Band saw
  • Lathe
  • Scroll saw
  • 28” planer
  • Jointer
  • 37” surface sander
  • 2 glue tables
  • 3 work tables
  • Vented sanding table
  • Disc/belt sander
  • Vertical glue clamps
  • Drafting desks and machines
  • Misc. Hand and power tools
  • Vectorworks cad software



Post-Foundation Portfolio Review

All fine arts majors (BFA) and art majors (BA/BS) are required to take a Post-Foundation Portfolio Review (PFPR). The review will take place after completion of the studio foundation courses (Art 102Q1 or 111, 112, 114). Passing the portfolio review is required to enroll in 400-level art courses and graduate with a degree in Art.

View printable PFPR Information and PFPR Evaluation Form

The Post-Foundation Portfolio Review occurs on the third Friday at the beginning of each semester. An informational meeting will be held a week before the review for participants and anyone interested in learning more about the portfolio review process.

Please check the bulletin boards on the second floor of the Arts and Communications Center for updates and current participant lists.  Please contact the art department if you believe you should be taking the PFPR but are not on our list.  It is the student's responsibility to make sure they are on the list.

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