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Indigenous Studies

Indigenous Studies is a dynamic, interdisciplinary approach that emphasizes Indigenous knowledge systems, pedagogy, leadership, problem solving, perspectives and methodologies employed by Indigenous Peoples.

The Indigenous Studies Certificate provides students opportunities to develop their understandings of Indigenous perspectives, voices, experiences, cultures, complex histories, and contemporary issues.  The certificate program’s focus on Indigeneity extends from the First Nations people of Wisconsin throughout North America and globally.

This program aims to expand experiential learning opportunities, with a special emphasis on how cultural and environmental sustainability converges with Indigenous knowledge and practices, while opening possibilities for mutually beneficial collaborative partnerships with Native mentors and communities.

The certificate is open and applicable to all students no matter their major or minor.

Certificate Requirements

Students must complete a minimum of 9 credits in courses identified as satisfying the Indigenous Studies Certificate, listed below.  The required 9 credits must come from at least two different departments, and at least 6 credits must be at or above the 300 level. 

  • Anthropology 312 Native North America: Contemporary Issues, Cultures, and Histories
  • Anthropology 314/Women and Gender Studies 314 Native American Women
  • Anthropology 346/Environmental Studies 346 Indigenous Peoples, National Parks and  Protected Areas 
  • Anthropology 347/Environmental Studies 347 Indigenization, Economy, and Environmentalism
  • Anthropology 354 Archeology of North America
  • Anthropology 355 Wisconsin Archeology
  • Anthropology 360 Mesoamerican Culture
  • DFLL 122 Quest I Indigenous and Colonial Narratives of Nature
  • English 220 Native American Literature I
  • English 370 Native American Literature II
  • History 363 Indigenous North America
  • Sociology 342 Social Ecology
  • Women and Gender Studies 397 Special Topics: Two Spirit Lives (Course Modification Needed) 

A Maximum of 3 credits can come from this list: 

  • ANT 394 Field Experience
  • ANT 446 Independent Study 
  • ENG 446 Independent Study 
  • History 399 Internship in History 
  • History 446 Independent Study 
  • Intrdscp 399 L & S Career Internship

Currently our program is set up for you to take 3 credits of independent study, but this is negotiable dependent on your needs and goals. Please reach out to the Indigenous Studies Chair who can help you navigate what options may best fit your trajectory!  

Indigenous Studies Director

Margaret Huettl

(920) 424-7186
Sage 3630

What are Course Modifications? 

This certificate allows for course modifications. A course listed with the (CMN) tag may only count toward certificate requirements in some situations. Two scenarios are possible:

  1. A special topics course or a course that may not always count towards the certificate does when a particular professor is teaching this course or focus is taken in that course that semester.
  2. A course that you may need or want to take in your specific discipline can have assignments and subject mattered altered to meet the goals of Indigenous Studies.

In either case, please reach out to the Indigenous Studies Director to learn more. We will do all we can to help this certificate fit your needs.

Upcoming Courses

Fall 2024

  • Anthro 101: Indigenous Wisconsin (online!)
    Dr. Margaret Huettl
  • Anthro 123: Cultural Diversity in the US
    (course mod form required)
    Dr. Heidi Nicholls
  • Anthro 335: Political Resistance
    Dr. Heidi Nicholls
  • ENG 370: Native American Literature II
    Dr. Pascale Manning

Faculty and Staff

Margaret Huettl

(920) 424-7186
Sage 3630

Melissa Giddings

Department Assistant
(920) 424-7065
Sage 3464

Angelee Hammond

Department Assistant
(920) 424-7065
Sage 3003

Indigenous Studies Committee

Dr. Toni House

Dr. Stephanie May

Dr. Heidi J Nicholls

Roger Wescott