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Forensic Investigation Certificate

The Certificate in Forensic Investigation from UW Oshkosh combines coursework from anthropology, criminal justice, geology, and journalism, to develop a well-rounded credential that can be used by those seeking employment in law enforcement and the medicolegal professions. It also is an ideal additional credential that can be earned as part of continuing education by those already working in law enforcement and the medicolegal fields. Certificate in Forensic Investigation students can set their own schedule and work toward their professional goals at any time, in any location, while strengthening their career potential by developing skills and knowledge in the following areas:

• Photographic and videographic documentation
• Human skeletal analysis
• Legal requirements for evidence
• Soil sourcing and taphonomy

This course is being offered by UWO+ online learning

Certificate Requirements

The Certificate in Forensic Investigation program in offered completely online or in-person. Budgeting for the degree is easier with a fixed flat-rate tuition. 
• For online, most courses are delivered in accelerated, seven-week sessions to increase the flexibility for full-time working students.
• In-person courses are the standard 15-week semester courses.

Students must complete a minimum of 12 credits of the following:

Anthropology 374: Human Osteology (3 credits)
Anthropology 377: Forensic Anthropology (3 credits)
Journalism 251: Foundations of Multimedia Storytelling (3 credits)
Criminal Justice 304: Criminal Investigation (3 credits)
Criminal Justice 319: Criminal Courts: Proof of Guilt (3 credits)
Geology 317: Forensic Geology (3 credits)

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