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Anthropology, Global Religions and Cultures

Exploring diversity across cultures and societies

Studying the Human Experience

As an anthropology student, you will experience:

▪︎ Archaeological digs ▪︎ Solving cold cases ▪︎ Studying apes and monkeys in the field  ▪︎Interning in an archaeology lab, forensic lab, or ethnography lab ▪︎ Learning how to have hard conversations ▪︎ Engage with your local community through hands on experiences ▪︎ Learning to write transformative policies ▪︎ Be a part of a vibrant community of enthusiastic and highly motivated group of people ▪︎ Be a better human! Be the best you!

But don’t just ask us: US News Report 2022: Anthropologist is a Top 10 Job in Science How to know if this major is right for you?  


Broaden your understanding of humanity

Earn a minor in anthropology or global religions, or earn a certificate in Indigenous Studies or Forensic Investigation.

First-ever group of students take part in archaeological dig in Slovenia. 

Leading the hands-on experience excavating archaeological sites were Adrienne Frie, Assistant Anthropology Professor, and Kevin Garstki, Anthropology Lecturer. The site dates back to the Iron Age. Learn more on UW Oshkosh Today. Learn more on UW Oshkosh Today.

What’s Happening


Michael Baltutis (Anthropology, Global Religions and Cultures) has published a new book, “The Festival of Indra: Innovation, Archaism, and Revival in a South Asian Performance”, in the SUNY Press Series in Hindu Studies. For more details on the book, click here. 
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