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UWO Family Legacies

While UW Oshkosh continues to attract first-generation college students, the University also is home to many who come from a long line of UWO legacy families.

Did your grandparents attend UWO? Your great-grandparents? Do all of your aunts and uncles or siblings call UW Oshkosh their alma mater?

We would love to hear your UWO family legacy story. We also encourage you to add photos to accompany your story, which may appear on this alumni website or in other news and feature accounts.

Share your UWO legacy.


stradebarb.jpgBarb (Schultz) Strade '61

It was a golden moment for UW Oshkosh alumna Barb (Schultz) Strade, of Madison, on May 14, 2011, as she helped lead the spring commencement procession with fellow Class of 1961 classmates.

Among those graduating with a bachelor’s degree from the College of Business in the afternoon ceremony was Strade’s granddaughter, Patricia Crupi, of Oshkosh.

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Jamie Bonell '83 and MSN '86

"I attended the BSN/MSN program at UWO. Both my daughters graduated from the collage of nursing program and are RN/BSN's practicing in Oshkosh. I am practicing APNP at Aurora Healthcare and Kelly (Bonell) Hess '98 is my nurse. Kori (Bonell) Dorn'99 was working in Internal Med with me but now OB/GYN RN in the hospital. Both of the girl's husbands are also graduates from UW Oshkosh.

Both are wonderful,caring nurses and care for their patients with compassion and knowledge or the health care field. We three care for many in the community of Oshkosh thanks for to the great nursing program at UWO."


Diana Hartman '80

"My father, his two brothers and his sister all attended UWO during the 1930's. My father and one brother hitch-hiked from Washburn, WI to attend college in 1936. They had almost no money and slept the first night by the railroad tracks downtown. They found a rooming house at 259 Prospect where they performed odd jobs in exchange for rent.

I have letters from my grandmother written to my father and his siblings, which are just priceless. Tuition was $22.00. They sent their laundry home, and waited for it to return along with a few dollars that my grandmother sent to them. She would write one letter addressed to all four kids.My uncle had to drop out after one year, due to lack of funds. My dad went 2 years, then dropped out also. My aunt went on to graduate and taught school in Algoma, WI.

After WW II, my father and one brother graduated from UW Madison with help from the GI Bill. Without that,I doubt either would have been able to finish college.

My dad was always so fond of UWO and when he visited, we would drive around campus and he would try to remember what it was like when he was a student, but it was a very changed campus, and that was in the 1990s! Sadly, he passed away in 2003. He would have been so pleased to see all the building going on today.

My daughter Elizabeth and her husband, Andrew; and daughter, Amy are all UWO alums as well.


hoglundroy.jpgRoy Hoglund '76

"Our family connection with UW Oshkosh, started with my mother, Mary Hoglund ''70 and '71 MST , '78 MSE, who had decided to go to school in order to secure a background in English in order to teach high school. My parents were divorced at about this time, and she had wanted to have a career of her own. In the separation, she got the house and four kids, my father got the car. She started in 1966 going full time and graduated with a BA in English and minor in Spanish in 1970.

By this time, my brother, Herbert Andrew Hoglund '76, was at the University. I would start the following year. In the late 60s while my mother was holding down a part-time job and going to school full time, my father had a stroke. It left him unable to work, and he lost his apartment. He temporarily moved in with the family in the house. My mother completed both of her master's degrees and was also employed by the University as an adviser in education. Later that year, she secured a teaching position at Appleton West High School as an English teacher.

hoglundroy2.jpgMy brother and I graduated in 1976. His degree was in nursing and mine was in art. I stayed an extra year as a special student until my wife, Paula (Stevenson) Hoglund '77 graduated  with her degree in English. We were married in what now is the Pollock Alumni House, by Neal Eckstein, an English professor.

I then went to graduate school at the University of Washington and graduated with my MFA in spring of 1980, and was hired as a professor in the Theater Department in 1980. I taught there until the spring of 1986. I then came to Oshkosh and was a member of the faculty here from fall of 1986, until the present.

My daughters both received bachelor's degrees from Oshkosh, Kelly Hoglund '02, in theater and Spanish; and Jana Hoglund' 04, in theater with a minor in music. Kelly is living and working in Milwaukee, and Jana has received her MFA from Yale School of Drama and is working professionally in New York City as a sound designer.

My brother's daughter, Laura Hoglund '10, graduated with a degree in history and a minor in geography last spring."


moede-dean-judith.jpgDean '65 and Judy Moede '65 and MSE '71

The Moede's have over 56 years vested in UW Oshkosh. Dean Moede received his degree in economics, while Judy (Marks) Moede '65 and MSE '71 in physical education and later her MSE. Dean and Judy met on the UW Oshkosh campus, read about their love story. Their three daughters also attended UW Oshkosh.


His daughter Lyn (Moede) Rogers '90 majored in physical education and minored in business education. She has served in the US Army as a budget officer, and was deployed to Iraq for a year in 2009. She recently returned to Wisconsin and  now resides in Milwaukee. She is married to James Rogers, and they have two sons Joshua and and James.

moedelori.jpgLori (Moede) Wiesner '93 majored in physical education and minored in health education. She married  Hans Wiesner and they have four boys, Hans Ulrich, Deiter, Jens, and Stein. They reside in New York City. Dean says that "all these boys are future UW Oshkosh students".

moededana.jpgDana (Moede) Vanevenhoven '93 majored in physical education and minored in health education. She married  Corey Vanevenhoven and they have two children one daughter Corrine and a son, James. The Vanevenhoven's reside in Darboy, WI.


Randall Nesbitt '80

"My Grandfather, father, uncle, two brothers and myself all went to UWO. In this generation my son has attended UWO as did my niece, who is currently a senior at UWO. It has become a Nesbitt family tradition."


zillgesardyce.jpgArdyce Zillges '48 (LS) and '77 (MA)

The Zillges family has recently celebrated three generations of graduates from UWO, with the graduation of Ardyce's grandson Mark Mueller in January 2010. He received his bachelor of arts in environmental studies and geography. His mother, Laureen 'Laurie' (Zillges) Mueller graduated in 1978 from the College of Education and Human Services. Ardyce received her bachelors and masters in library science.


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