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Alumni-Owned Business Network Spotlight:

Northern Tails Pet Photography

(Oshkosh, WI)


Angie Gill ’10, has turned her lifelong passion for dogs and art into a rewarding career. While attending college full time pursuing a Fine Arts degree at UWO, Angie also apprenticed as a dog groomer which ignited the idea of finding a career in the pet industry. After graduating, she began photographing pets across Wisconsin for a portrait studio. Eventually, in 2016, Angie established her own photography business known today as Northern Tails Pet Photography which has created the opportunity to photograph pets across the United States and as Angie hopes, across the globe in the future.

At Northern Tails Pet Photography, Angie’s focus goes beyond simply capturing snapshots. She strives to bring out the unique personality and spirit of each animal, creating portraits that tug at the heartstrings. Shaping each session into a fun adventure, your pet will be given lots of treats, kisses, and love resulting in wagging tails all while Angie uses her artistic vision to create beautiful portraits. Northern Tails Pet Photography offers a variety of collections and products handcrafted in the US to create heirloom displays of art from the images captured. Angie is continuously searching for high quality and unique items to offer her clients, striving to give them a one of a kind boutique experience.

But it’s not just about capturing stunning photographs; Angie is also dedicated to giving back to the animal community. Through volunteer work and fundraising, Northern Tails Pet Photography seeks to make a positive impact on the lives of these amazing animals that have brought so much joy into our lives.

Interested in learning more about Northern Tails? Visit their website

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