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UW Oshkosh Alumni-Owned Businesses Network Identification Form

View the Alumni-Owned Business directory here.

In our continuing effort to support our Titans of industry we’ve created this network so UW Oshkosh alumni can promote their businesses to the public and fellow alumni. We’re proud to support our UWO alumni business owners and entrepreneurs and we hope you will too. If you would like to be featured in this network, please review the eligibility guidelines and submit the form below.

Eligibility Guidelines

To be included in the network, your business should meet the following criteria:

  • Is owned by a UWO alum  
  • Is an independently owned and operated business or nonprofit
  • Operates as an LLC or similar and is not categorized as a multi-level marketing company  
  • Maintains a functional website  

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the business need to be owned by a UWO alum to qualify? 
Yes. While we’d like to support all businesses, this resource is intended to provide UWO alumni the opportunity to support their fellow Titans. Alumni is defined as any individual who has completed at least 30 credits towards a degree-granting program. At this time, we are unable to list those who have completed a certificate through UWO.

Are the businesses listed in the directory required to provide a discount for UWO alumni?
No. This is simply a directory of alumni-owned businesses. No discounts or promotions are required.

How does UWO qualify or confirm that businesses are owned by alums from UWO?
All businesses are subject to review and are listed at the discretion of the Alumni Relations team. Before including a listing on the directory, the business is verified as owned by a UWO alum. In accordance with UWO policy, we will ensure that the business does not conflict with UWO’s mission and values.

Is UWO providing financial support to these businesses?
No, UWO is not providing financial services to any specific business. This is simply a network for alumni to showcase their businesses and for people to support fellow alums.

Is inclusion in this network an endorsement by the university?
Inclusion in this directory should not be considered an endorsement by UW Oshkosh. UW Oshkosh is not providing financial support or services to these businesses. The use of the UWO name and/or registered trademarks by businesses is generally prohibited. Also, please note that the UWO logo and other UWO registered trademarks may not be used by external companies without advance permission. 
What if an UWO alum has another position in a small business but does not own it? Can the business still be included in the directory?
No. At this time, directory listings may only include alumni-owned businesses.

Please note: All entries will be reviewed and edited for clarity and length.