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We teetered our way through a low ropes course where we developed our communication and leadership skills by completing three team building activities. Our first activity involved ten people trying to balance a seesaw, we then swing from a rope to a small platform (see picture below), and ended with a spider web activity. Following our low ropes course we enjoyed our lunch lakeside while relaxing in the sun.

Next our volunteer coordinator Abel informed us we would be building a bridge, which heightened our curiosity. Upon arrival we quickly realized our work was cut out for us. Throughout the next three hours our group, cut down trees, notched the pieces of wood, and nailed it down… it was an experience. Despite our hard work we were only able to get it half way done.

We then enjoyed our free time in the beautiful sunny weather. We finished the night with ice cream sundaes and good laugh. Tomorrow we look forward to working with GreenWorks to do some road side clean up. More photos to come tomorrow!!