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On Tuesday we traveled to a suberb of San Juan to meet up with SBP and help them with a few homes they were working on. SBP, formerly known as Saint Bernhard Project, was a group started when recovery efforts in New Orleans slowed post Hurricane Katrina. Now SPB is working with Americor and works in areas that have had hurricane damage. Their goal is to reduce the time between disaster and recovery.

We split into two groups for the day. One group worked on a tile project. The house they were at had to be almost completely demolished after the hurricane. It has retained a few of the exterior concrete walls, but that was it. The project started in September, so we installed baseboard tile. It was a slow and tedious process. The floor is not always even but the wall tiles needed to be. We are proud of our work but not going to change career paths to be masons.

The other half went to Nati’s house who’s home was damaged by the hurricane tremendously. The roof of her home was completed ripped off and her home was below water for a few days created more extensive damage to the stability of her home. Before we got to her home to do our part, the roof was completely rebuilt and the foundation was fixed where it needed to be. Her brothers home which was right next to hers had so much termite damage to his home it was inhabitable and will be completed demolished and rebuilt. We as volunteers did power washing and scrapping of old paint on the concrete structure outside of her home which lead all the way to the driveway. We then repainted the walls and a beautifully designed gate made of steel. We did the finishing touches of her home which should be completed in a few days after our service. The communities university had donated a brand new bed, air conditioner, refrigerator, and oven/stove. We were told Nati said that who ever touches her home and had a part in rebuilding her home was a blessing from God. No matter anyone’s religion affiliation, everyone was very thankful in knowing that we are making a difference in Natis life.