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Today was our first full day in Puerto Rico! After an “eventful” flight and lack of sleep the day before, we woke up ready for today’s volunteer experience! Today we visit the community of Yabucoa where we met up with volunteer coordinator Russel. Russel introduced us to a local man who’s home is on the beach where the hurricane first hit the land of Puerto Rico. The owner stated that the day after the hurricane he came back and found the street leading to his home was covered with water and three feet of sand. When he got out of his car due to the sand he walked up to his home and walked in his house to find nearly the same conditions and found his dogs (6). Thankfully the owner left the door open so the dogs could escape the hurricane waters and go to the second level of the home. There was extensive damage to the home due to the hurricane but the owner was thankful for him and his dogs to be alive. We as volunteers repainted the entire homes exterior walls with a crisp cream shade and a golden shade. We sweated profusely (while staying hydrated with provided water bottles) but realized the change we are making in this mans life after a devastating catastrophe.
PS: The homeowners dogs kept us comfort and boosted our energy during breaks!