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With a rainy start to the day, we headed up to Tela with some OYE friends where we took a boat to Punta Sal. We started with a short hike when we got to the park. While on the hike, we got to see some monkeys, various types of crabs, and birds. Then, we made our way to the beautiful beach. We had the whole beach to ourselves! Most of our time was spent in the water, talking with one another and snorkeling. The reef along Punta Sal is called the Belize Barrier Reef, and is the second largest in the world! We also enjoyed a yummy lunch before getting back in the water. The sun was finally out and our red skin proves it! We were sad to leave the beautiful, sunny beach, but it was time to head home to get ready for our last dinner, which was formal and included lots of dancing! We will miss our friends at OYE and we are sad to have to leave in the morning.

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