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Most of today was spent finishing up the two murals we have been working on at Copprome with the OYE scholars. We spent more time playing with the kids and we were able to enjoy lunch with everyone. Unfortunately, we had to say goodbye to all of the Copprome kids and some of the OYE scholars.

Dinner was hosted by Rocio, who is the executive director of OYE and she also co-owns Q’ Rico Cafe. We enjoyed checking out all of the animals that Rocio’s family have in their back yard. Some of the animals were baby ducks, geese, turtles, toucans, dogs, and cats. We all loved Lola, the cockatoo, because she could say hello and mimmick other noises such as laughter. Dinner was also a celebration of Rocio’s father’s birthday.

Tomorrow, we go on our excursion to Punta Sal. Punta Sal is a national park right off the coast of Honduras. We are very excited to see the beach and do some more hiking. Tomorrow is also our last full day in Honduras. We are going to soak up the sun and make the best out of the day before heading back home.

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