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We started the day off by stopping by OYE to see the organization in action. All of the scholars are required to attend on Saturdays so the building was very busy and filled with youth. We then went and did some souvenir shopping before heading to our next location of the day.

We visited a radio station that broadcasts to most of Honduras. Radio Progreso gives voices to the voiceless. They are funded by donations, but are careful to accept money from people that might want to censor/control what they broadcast. They also don’t receive government aid for the same reason. Radio Progreso even produces print magazines with many pictures and drawings to help information to reach those with lower reading levels.

After another delicious lunch at Q’Rico, we headed out to Copprome to continue our work on the two murals we are helping to paint. With it being Saturday, more children were able to come play with us since they did not have school or homework. We brought lots of games to play with the kiddos, which they enjoyed very much!

This was our last night having dinner at an OYE scholar’s home. We ate chicken nachos and then played numerous games with the family that hosted us. We are so thankful for the people we have met and the families that have opened their homes to us.

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