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Our first activity of the day was spent at Fe y Algeria, where we listened to a presentation about Honduran history and the recent political turmoil. Hector, our presenter, opened our eyes to some recent events and how the US has been involved. Hearing this information from his perspective was intriguing. After the presentation, we went on a tour of the high school. The classrooms are outside and are workshop based because the high schoolers receive vocational training rather than a general education like we have in the US.

After touring the school, we traveled to a children’s nutrition center to play with the kids as well as learn about the center. The purpose of the center is to rehabilitate malnourished children to a healthier well being. The center also works within the community to prevent malnourishment. The director, Alicia, gave us a tour around the center. It was difficult to see the challenges the children faced in their physical and cognitive development, but we are thankful that this organization is there to help. Some of the kids have been there for a few years, and our returning travel companions can speak to how far they have come since the last year or two.

Lunch was eaten at OYE with some of the scholars and then we headed off to an afternoon at Copprome. We jumped back in with painting the mural from the other day. Some of us added more detail to that mural while others began a new one (Let’s just say, with this heat and humidity, it takes quite a while for paint to dry!).

Today marks our halfway point on this trip and at the end of the day we received the surprise letters sent to us by our loved ones back home. This was so uplifting and is giving us the spirit and energy to push through this next week (especially with this heat!). Thank you to everyone that sent letters to us. They mean the world to us.