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Today started with a delicious breakfast at Q’Rico. We feasted on bale baleadas, which are a staple in Honduras. We then ventured to OYE, where we participated in ice breaker activities with some OYE scholars. They got to practice their English while we practiced our Spanish! We learned cool things about OYE as we toured the building and we learned even more as we took a walking tour of the city. After a filling lunch at OYE, we headed out to COPPROME, which is a children’s home. Some of us helped to paint a mural while the rest played fun games with the kiddos. We tried coconut and drank water from coconuts too! We finished off the day with a dinner at the home of one of OYE’s scholars. Dinner was fried plantains, chicken, and beans, which was delicious! Once again, sleep will come easy tonight.


PS Shoutout to McKenna for coming up with today’s blog titleEE745736-B090-47F6-9EA6-C018EB8F1F5EF5170CD3-CD30-417F-AC5A-DADB794B0A9B