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The Arches 2018 Alternative Spring break group has made it back to Oshkosh safe and sound! We left Denver, CO around 5am yesterday and rolled into Oshkosh around 9pm last night. After a week with limited cell service and Wi-Fi connection we all had time to relax and refresh before we head into the end of the semester. Throughout our week we had many great adventures and helped Arches National Park with two different service projects. Our first project consisting of installing connectivity modifiers will help with grassland growth and stability. We helped install just over 1,500 modifiers which was the goal of Arches NP for this year! We mainly worked in the northern part of the park in Salt Valley. On our last day of volunteering we helped with the removal of invasive Tamarisk which will help to restore the natural water flow of the Salt Wash. This is a two year long project and we where able to give a little bit of our time in order to reach the end goal. For this project we worked in the area right next to the Delicate Arch parking area. In our free time and on our last day we had time to explore the park as well as the area around Moab. Everyone in the group had a great time climbing right outside of the park, as well as hiking to many of the different arches in the park, and trying out mountain biking in this naturally beautiful area. The week flew by as we helped the park grow stronger as well as get to experience this wonderful area we are all sad that are time together had to end but all look forward to exploring this area again one day. Until next time Arches.

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