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We started our morning finishing up our service project with Gregorio by making thinner concrete to pour over what was accomplished yesterday to give it a smoother finish. Lunch was at another farmer’s house whom we haven’t yet met and were able to learn about his family.

After lunch, we met Maria who taught us how to make tamales and tortillas! We started with the tamales which were made using banana leaves to contain the ingredients- which are 2-3 times bigger than using corn husks. The tamales contained a tomato paste, masa, and chunks of chicken. They take around 3 hours to make over the stove so in the meantime we learned how to make tortillas (which was pretty difficult, but the 6 year old made it look so easy).

While the tamales and tortillas were cooking we played a few games in a circle. It was cool to see how we could connect so well to those around us despite the language barriers. We played games, had conversations, and laughed so much this afternoon with Maria and her family. After dinner we walked home in a beautiful sunset to reflect and a few of us went to find a tienda to get snacks and ice cream and found fresh churros on the way!


Tomorrow is our last full day which is sad, but will be spent at the lake, so keep an eye out for our post tomorrow night! Thanks for being on this journey with us.